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Who was Deacon John Done?

Search for information about the early life of Deacon John Done has been ongoing for many years. In 1986 the John Done Research Committee was formally established by the Doane Family Association.   Research has been focused in three areas :
1. John Done's English Ancestry
2. DNA Research to find John Done's ancestry
3. Research into the life of Deacon John Done in Plymouth (Plimoth).
  The John Done Research Committee continues its efforts. For the results of the research by this committee, please refer to  the following pages:

Deacon John Done / John Done Research*

Status of Current Research, presented at the 52nd Biennial Reunion in Plymouth, Massachusetts, July 2012

Mr. John Done, Who Was He?   By Derek Done
This Power Point document presents an overview of the John Done research to date.

Report of the Deacon John Done Research Committee
By Derek Done
Report to the DFA Board of Directors on the committee's progress since the last meeting of the Committee at Crete, Nebraska in 2010. This includes conclusions to date and recommendations for future research.

1. Research to Find John Done's English Ancestry (The Paper Trail)
Research by James E. Doan in 2008, Derek Done in 2012, Rev. Gilbert H. Doane in 1976.
2. Research to Find John Done's English Ancestry (The Y-DNA Project) Research by James E. Doan, Ph.D in 2010.
The DFA Y-DNA Project.
3. Research into the Life of Deacon John Done in Plymouth
Papers presented in 2012 by James Baker, Steven W. Morrison, James Thomas Doane.
4. My Search for the Origins of Deacon John Done
By Maureen Scott.   Research done in London from 2012 to 2014.
5. Report by Derek Done (UK) to the Deacon John DoneResearch Committee (meeting to be held in July 2016 at SaltLake City)
By Derek Done  


* A note about the "Doane" vs "Done" spelling:
Research indicates that, apart from a single reference, the Deacon's last name was spelled "Done".   It was only with the Deacon's children that the "Doane " was used.