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The Doane Family Association of America Publications

After forty years of research and compiling, Volume I of The Doane Family was published by A. A. Doane in 1902. Volume I, contains 530 pages and traces the family line from 1630 to 1902. In 1976, Volume II, after twenty-eight years of research and compiling, was published by the Doane Family Association, Inc. The Doane Family, Volume II, has 600 pages and traces our family line from 1902 to 1974. It contains over 60,000 names. The second edition was printed in 1960, third edition in 1976, and the fourth edition in 1984.

The Doane Family Association Publications are available from the Custodian of the Books, Linda Doane. Doane Family Genealogies Volumes I and II, their supplements, and Proceedings from Reunions from 1946- 2004 are available.
Please click on the link below to obtain the order form.
Print the form    Doane Family Publications Form  and mail it to:

Linda Doane
4755 Aldun Ridge NW, Apt. 208
Comstock Park, MI 49321-9053