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Hydes at Doane Rock George and Rebecca Doane family Boarding the busses for trip to Provincetown
Hydes and Dojans on Doane Rock

George and Rebecca Doane and daughters

Ralph Anderson helping with boarding the busses for the trip to Provincetown.

Deacon John Doane Research Committee Eliza Judith James Rotger Family
Deacon John Done Research Committee meeting

Isabella, Judith, James - drawing for door prizes Rotger Family at the Banquet

Derek Done Eliza Judith James Friday Banquet
Derek Done gets a tour of Plymouth

You've heard of the Doane truck?
Here is the Doane car!

Colin Doane, Mary Ann Sindt, Dick Doane, Jacque Carter

Barbara Doane Plimoth Plantation memorial service
Doanes visiting Doane Rock in Eastham, Barbara in foreground

Janet Jeffries, Wilma Doane, Jane MacDuff at Plimoth Plantation

Chaplain Bill Fineout and Anne Doane at Memorial Service

Newly Elected Doane Family Association Officers take oath of office.

Ted, Cora, Alice Ann Doane registration doing puzzle in Hospitality room
Alice Doane, Cora Brodie, Ted Doane at the John Carver Inn

Ann Doane at the Registration desk welcomes three sisters.

Puzzlers in the hospitality room

Province Lands Visitor Center Life Saving Station Commemorative plaque at Deacon John homesite
Lecture at the Province Lands Visitor Center

Visiting the Life Saving Station at Province Lands.

Commemorative Plaque at Deacon John Done Homesite

Ken,Albert,Erma, Dick Janet at Bookstore Dicks tee shirt
Ken Doane, Albert Doane, Erma Phillips, Dick Doane

Janet Jeffries at the "Doane College Bookstore".

Dick Doane, chairman of the DNA research project, gives new meaning to our reunion motto : "Where we all began".

Carlos and Clara Rotger reading Children Climbing Doane Rock Bridge Road Cemetery, Eastham, Mass
Clara and Carlos Rogter – 12th generation Doanes, reading an excerpt from a poem by Heman Doane, written for the dedication of the Deacon John Done site in September 1869

Young Doanes climbing Doane Rock.

Bridge Road Cemetery, Eastham, Mass

Doanes from England and Australia Doanes from Canada Doanes from Wisconsin
England and Australia



Doanes from Washington Doanes from Virginia Doanes from Vermont and New Hampshire


Vermont and New Hampshire

Doanes from Texas Doanes from Pennsylvania Doanes from Ohio



Doanes from New York Doanes from New Jersey Doanes from Nebraska & Minnesota
New York

New Jersey

Nebraska and Minnesota

Doanes from Massachusetts Doanes from Michigan Doanes from Illinios



Doanes from Florida Doanes from Connecticut Doanes from Colorado



Doanes from California Doanes from Arizona Mary Ann Sindt


Mary Ann Sindt invites the family to the 2014 DFA Reunion in Saginaw, Michigan