Reunion Chairs Dick and Mary Doane

The 54th Biennial Reunion of the Doan(e) Family Association, July 24-30 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Attending from the State of Washington :
Back L-R: Debbie Doane Dunn, Carol Doane
Front L-R: Wilma and Ken Doane


Attending from California, Utah and Massachusetts
Back L-R: Russ and Eunice Brabec, James Doane, Elizabeth Perry
Front L-R: Leslie Doane Chevalier, Dawn Vella

Attending from Ohio and Virginia
Back L-R : Don Ignatz, Dan Krause
Front L-R : Joyce Ignatz, Jane MacDuff

Attending from Michigan and Illinois
Back L-R : Mary Ann Sindt, Tammy and Grady Doane, Linda Doane
Front L-R: Charles and Diane Dold

Attending from Colorado
Back L-R: Jack Gibson, Sally Kingman, Clyde Mock, Bonnie Porter, Pat and Roger Doane, Rhonda and Marion Doane
Front L-R: Helen Mock, Jennifer MacTaggert

Attending from Kansas and Texas
Back L-R: John Doane, Dick and Loa Doane, Kari Sanderson
Front L-R: Becky Doane, Marie Sanderson

Attending from New Hampshire and Nebraska
Back L-R : Brian and Ann Doane
Front L-R: Janis Mitchell, Janet Jeffries

Attending from Arizona
Back L-R: Dick Doane, Charles Johnson
Front L-R: Mary Doane, Jacalyn Johnson

Attending from New Jersey
L-R: Nancy Markle, Susan Dilks

Attending from New Jersey
Ulana and James Campbell

Attending from Florida
James Doan.

Attending from Idaho
Cathy Parsons, Charlene Parsons, Charles Parsons

Descendants of Deacon John Done's son, Ephriam
Back L-R: Roger Doane, Kari Sanderson, Brian Doane
Front L-R: Eunice Brabec, Marie Sanderson
Not pictured: Cathy Parsons, Charlene Parsons, Charles Parsons

Atending from Minnesota, North Carolina, and Canada
Back L-R: David Vroom, Betty Goodrich, Clifton Scott, Annette Schendel
Front L-R: Sun Vroom, Maureen Scott

Newly Elected Doane Family Association Officers

The memorial service is when we remember those of our family who we have lost recently. Please click here to see the list of names.

One of many reunion preparation tasks: getting ready to stuff the registration packets with the pre ordered tee shirts

Doane items on display

Beginning the puzzle

Janet, our Doane University Liaison, Little Albert, our mascot, and our Mormon speaker who gave us information on the Mormons

Traveling Doane Show by Brian H. Doane NH Doan Pills, Doane whiskey , etc.Brian carried his collection of Doane items from NH to Utah

Todd Doane's parents with Doane Logo (designed by Todd) in cross stitch by Shannon Fineout

Welcome Doanes! No reunion would be complete without a "branch" of the Doane University Bookstore.

Progress on the puzzle, it was finished before the banquet.

Sing-A-Long night

auction item - One of kind Doane Wine. Label says "This is the Place.
2016 Doane Family Reunion
Grow Your Family Tree in Salt Lake City
2015 Chardonnay
By Brian and Ann Doane Litchfield NH "

Dinner and a chance to enjoy being with the family

The first bus load of Doanes arriving at the LDS Library to do research all day.

Dinner and a chance to enjoy being with the family

Dancing partners Jane MacDuff and Dan Krause at Talent night

- Olympic Village

Eating (again) and visiting

- Boarding the bus to Olympic Village and Park City

Our fearless leaders take a bobsled ride at Olympic Village