The 51st Biennial Reunion of the DFA, Crete, Nebraska

Doane College  was the destination for the reunion which was held the week of July 19-24, 2010. The hosts for the event were 1st vice-president Ted Doane and his wife Alice from Waverly Nebraska. Others on the committee included Janet Jeffries-Bouvier, Janis Mitchell, and Jody Fikar, all of Doane College.  The week started out with the announcement of the winner of the Doane Logo contest: Todd Doane of Carrolton, Texas. This was followed by the unveiling  of the logo imprinted on tee shirts and modelled by Todd and DFA President Dick Doane. The week was filled with activities including tours to Lincoln, the National Homestead Museum, the homestead and gravesite of George Washington Doane, Prairieland Dairy , and Wessels Living History Farm. The Doane Family was entertained by LaDonna Gatlin, sister of the Gatlin Brothers and daughter of Billie Doane Gatlin, who was also in attendance. Speakers for the week included  past and current presidents of Doane College.     



My Saline County Doanes by Jody Kerssenbrock

Homesteading in Nebraska   by Eunice Brabec

Southern or Eastern European Origins? The Major Doan(e) Family Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroups”     By James E. Doan  Ph.D. Professor of Humanities, Humanities Major Chair and President, South Florida Irish Studies Consortium, Inc.
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